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Shaped on October 15, 1935, the first Panzer department at the beginning integrated the first Schuetzen (Rifle) Brigade (1st Rifle Regiment and 1st motorbike Battalion) and the first Panzer Brigade (1st and 22n Panzer Regiments), in addition to the 73rd Artillery (later Panzer Artillery) Regiment.and varied divisional troops. The department consisted typically of Thuringians, with major numbers of Saxons and Prussians, and (later) with draftees from different elements of Germany. the majority of its troops got here from the third (Motorized) Cavalry department at Weimar and the II Motor shipping Demonstration Command (Kraftfahr-Lehrkommando II) within the Thueringen (Wehrkreis IX) zone. nearly all of the divisional employees got here from the Lehr command, and the operations employees was once from the third Cavalry department. The sign battalion was once shaped round the sixth (Signal) corporation of the sixteenth Cavalry Regiment. the employees of the rifle brigade was once principally taken from the first bike Rifle Battalion at Langensalza, and lots of of the brigade's males got here from the I/16th Cavalry Regiment at Erfurt. the first Rifle Regiment was once shaped in Weimar from the eleventh Cavalry Regiment and I/14th Infantry Regiment (Rifle Regiment Meiningen). The staffs of the first Panzer Brigade and 1st Panzer Regiment have been from I/Motor delivery Demonstration Command Ohrduf and their body of workers have been from the fifth and sixth (Prussian) Cavalry Regiments. The second Panzer Regiment at Eisenach used to be shaped from the previous seventh Cavalry Regiment Breslau and a part of the II/Kraftfahr-Lehrkom-mando Ohrdruf. That summer season the 4th Motorized Reconnaissance Battalion had already been shaped from the 4th (Leipzig) Motor delivery Battalion, and the thirty seventh Panzerabwehr (Antitank) Battalion shaped at Eisenach/Muehlhausen round cadres provided by way of the 3/5th Motorized shipping Battalion at Kassel.

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