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By John O'Bryan

In the future a prehistoric man picked up a rock and threw it at whatever. And the background of guns started. Comedy author and weapon nerd John O'Bryan relays the freaky highlights of man's centuries-old obsession with weaponry. He hilariously explains the mace, the morning superstar, and the fellow catcher, whereas conveying authentic information regarding each one weapon: its heritage, makes use of, and badass power. Flipping via history's highlights, readers will find out about Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and the "peaceful" Shaolin priests. This final compendium of impressive guns offers all of the unusually real info bound to provoke anyone who is ever made a gun with their palms and acknowledged, "PEW-PEW-PEW!"

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GREEK hearth A substance whose identify rarely does it justice, Greek hearth was once undesirable stuff which can spoil anyone’s day. a greater identify could have been “Satan’s shit,” on account that that’s precisely what its sufferers proposal they have been seeing after they have been engulfed during this liquid hellfire. A flamable liquid that used to be squirted via huge tubes, Greek hearth is frequently regarded as the traditional world’s napalm. It clung to its goal and burned till it used to be spent, and also you couldn’t extinguish it with water. Its detailed parts have been a heavily guarded mystery, nonetheless unknown to this present day, notwithstanding so much students imagine it most likely concerned petroleum, sulfur, pitch, and/or potassium nitrate. the 1st documented use of Greek fireplace used to be in 672 CE on the partitions of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantines. With an armada of Arab ships on their solution to declare the town for Allah, a vibrant younger architect named Kallinikos whipped up a batch of Greek hearth, which he allegedly invented instantaneous. With assistance from this historical napalm, the Byzantines despatched the Arab fleet up in flames and thwarted no longer one yet Muslim invasions (before finally wasting town to the Muslims in 1453). Later adaptations of the weapon have been introduced in clay grenades, giving the Greek fireplace much more diversity and permitting the Byzantines to incinerate each dwelling factor inside of a three-hundred-yard radius in their urban. solid instances. DATE OF beginning: 672 CE form of harm: Incendiary PRECURSOR TO: Napalm recognized sufferers: The Arab army DANE awl As we all know, the Vikings have been giant mofos who wanted massive guns. The extensive awl, or Dane awl, as it’s most often recognized, used to be precisely that—a monstrous, heavy skull-cleaver that needed to be wielded with either palms. This wasn’t the first weapon of the Vikings. (That would’ve been the sword and spear, which we’ve already lined advert nauseam. ) It used to be, notwithstanding, one among their coolest and such a lot emblematic armaments. The Vikings all started utilizing axes out of necessity. The awl used to be a considerable weapon that everybody had mendacity round the condominium, so it quickly grew to become co-opted for battle. because the axes turned tailored extra for splitting skulls than firewood, their blades began to develop into thinner. by way of the 10th century, the bona fide Dane awl was once born—a sharp, skinny blade capable of chop throughout helmet and cranium. The wielder may well even use it to hook an opponent, pull his legs out from lower than him, or disarm him. It was once, even though, a a little unwieldy weapon. It lacked the rate and agility of a sword, and its wielder used to be thoroughly unprotected, considering that he didn’t have a unfastened hand for a protect. This intended the Viking axeman was once no longer often the 1st defensive position. He may cling again, and simply while the enemy’s defenses have been down, the axeman could swoop in and plant his Dane awl correct in his opponent’s cerebral cortex. Then the Viking axe-man may retreat to the mead corridor for an evening of merriment and epic poetry recitals. DATE OF beginning: 900 CE utilized by: Vikings; Saxons; Duke of Normandy’s bodyguards merits: strength; can cleave via a helmet; strangely flexible; effortless to discover dangers: sluggish; momentum is a complain; simply outmaneuvered through a talented swordsman; 0 defense JESUS VS.

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