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By Claude E. Boyd

Aquaculture pond managers degree water-quality variables and try to keep them inside optimum levels for shrimp and fish, yet strangely little recognition is paid to pond soil situation. Soil-water interactions can strongly impression water caliber, and soil elements might be thought of in aquaculture pond administration. the significance of soils in pond administration should be illustrated with an instance from pond fertilization and one other from aeration. Pond fertilization would possibly not produce phytoplankton blooms in acidic ponds. overall alkalinity is just too low to supply sufficient carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and acidic soils adsorb phosphate additional in fertilizer ahead of phytoplankton can use it. Agricultural lime­ stone program can increase overall alkalinity and neutralize soil acidity. the quantity of limestone essential to reason those adjustments in a pond is dependent upon the bottom unsaturation and alternate acidity of the ground soil. ponds with an identical overall alkalinity and soil pH may perhaps require significantly varied amounts of limestone simply because they vary in trade acidity. Aeration complements dissolved oxygen concentrations in pond water and allows larger feed inputs to reinforce fish or shrimp construction. As feeding premiums are raised, natural topic accumulates in pond soils. In ponds with very excessive feeding charges, aeration could provide sufficient dissolved oxygen within the water column for fish or shrimp, however it can be most unlikely to take care of cardio stipulations within the floor layers of pond soil. poisonous metabolites produced by means of microorganisms in anaerobic soils may possibly input the pond water and damage fish or shrimp.

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