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Zero. four = zero. forty Step 2: entire numbers have a decimal aspect to the perfect of the total quantity. Write within the decimal element, then upload a nil after the decimal aspect. three = three. zero Step three: you could upload any variety of zeros to shape similar decimals. upload zeros to the fitting of one. 6. 1. 6 = 1. six hundred * * * try out TIME: convey Your paintings identify the decimal for every representation. Decimals are like fractions. They characterize a part of an entire. In a decimal, the elements are constantly on the topic of ten: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. the 1st representation exhibits 4 out of ten elements shaded. this is often learn as 4 tenths, and written as zero. four. the second one representation exhibits 40 out of 1 hundred elements shaded. this can be learn as 40 hundredths, and written as zero. forty. The 3rd representation indicates forty-five out of 1 hundred elements shaded. this is often learn as forty-five hundredths and written as zero. forty five. * * * thirteen Decimals as Fractions Decimals to Fractions Decimals and fractions sound a similar after they are learn out loud. if you pay attention somebody say “two hundredths,” are they interpreting the fraction 2/100 or the decimal zero. 02? Write zero. seventy two as a fragment. Step 1: The digits to the perfect of the decimal element are the numerator. Write seventy two because the numerator. Step 2: where worth of the final digit tells you the denominator. The final digit is two. the two is within the hundredths position, so write a hundred within the denominator. Step three: decrease the fraction to lowest phrases. Divide seventy two and a hundred via four. * * * try out TIME: a number of selection Which fraction in lowest phrases is comparable to zero. one hundred seventy five? The decimal zero. a hundred seventy five is equal to the fraction 175/1,000. this is often decreased to lowest phrases via dividing each one time period via 25. answer: the right kind resolution is b. * * * Test-Taking trace Pay extra cognizance to the query you're engaged on than to the quantity of time left for the try. Test-Taking trace placed a small mark subsequent to solutions you’re uncertain of. if you end your try out, return and payment these difficulties first. lowering greater than as soon as occasionally it’s demanding to discover the best universal issue. you could lessen a fragment as time and again as you wish. Use any universal issue first. retain lowering till the fraction is in lowest phrases. Write zero. sixty eight as a fragment. Step 1: The numerator is sixty eight and the denominator is a hundred. Step 2: lessen the fraction. a simple universal issue for even numbers is two. Divide sixty eight and a hundred by means of 2 first. Step three: decrease the fraction back. either one of the recent numbers are even. Divide via the typical issue 2 back. The fraction is now in lowest phrases. * * * try out TIME: clarify Your resolution It took Tina 18. 625 gallons of gasoline to fill her tank. what percentage gallons is that this as a fragment? clarify your paintings. answer: The decimal 18. 625 has digits either at the left and correct of the decimal aspect, so it may be written as a combined fraction. The digits to the left of the decimal aspect, 18, are the entire quantity half. The digits to the perfect of the decimal element are the fraction half. The final digit is five and it really is within the thousandths position. 18 625/1000 The fraction 625/1000 is decreased to 5/8.

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