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By Jaska Kainulainen

This booklet is an highbrow biography of the Venetian historian and theologian Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623). It analyses Sarpi's traditional philosophy, non secular principles and political proposal. Kainulainen argues that Sarpi used to be prompted through Neostoicism, Neoepicureanism and the sixteenth-century medical revolution; that Sarpi used to be a fideist and Christian mortalist who, whereas severe of the modern Church of Rome, widespread the purity of the early church. concentrating on Sarpi s separation among church and kingdom, his use of absolutism, divine correct of kings and cause of country, the booklet bargains a clean point of view on medieval and reformation traditions. will probably be of curiosity to these attracted to early-modern highbrow background and the interaction among technological know-how, faith and politics in 16th- and seventeenth-century political discourse."

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