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El Salvador


This coffee from Finca Matalapa is as supple and juicy as ever. A beautifully glossy mouthfeel supports flavors of lime and juniper.





This is a very approachable Kenya coffee with not as high of and acid level as most Kenyan coffees, but more body and juicy flavors. This coffee tastes like blackberries, peach, passion fruit, caramel and red grapefruit.




Agua Tibia

Shade Grown coffee with intensely sweet flavor, medium acidity and deep chocolate notes.



Costa Rica

Flecha Roja

This clean and crisp coffee sparkles from start to finish with bright, juicy notes of kiwi, raspberry, and passion fruit.




Black Cat Espresso

This syrupy and sweet blend has been the staple of our lineup since the very beginning. The Black Cat Classic Espresso’s hallmark is its supreme balance and wonderful sweetness.


Coffee Brew Methods

1. Place pre-wet filter in the Chemex brewer

2. Grind 55g ground coffee to a medium fine grind

3. Heat 24 oz of hot water to a slow boil

4. Begin pre-infusion of the coffee by pouring 4 oz of water onto the grounds as evenly as possible

5. Allow the grounds to “bloom”, expanding as the water is absorbed. Once the “bloom” begins to fall, evenly pour the water over the grounds in a spiral fashion starting in the center of the chamber working your way to the outer edge

6. As the water in the top chamber begins to transfer into the bottom chamber, maintain a consistent water level in the top chamber. This will require multiple pours.

7. Once all of the pre-dosed water has been distributed to the top chamber, allow 1-2 minutes for the brew to complete and the coffee to transfer into the bottom chamber.

8. Remove the filter

1. Weigh out 22 grams of coffee

2. Grind 22 grams of coffee to a medium/coarse grind and place into a #4 filter

4. Place filter & coffee into the dripper and set it on a scale

5. Set timer to 2:30

6. Heat up kettle with 11.5 oz of water; start timer as you pour 2 oz water onto the grounds, try to get them all wet

7. Give the coffee 30 seconds to bloom, in the meantime dump and refill kettle (all the way)

8. Once the bloom is done, add remaining 9.5 oz of water, agitating the coffee as you pour

9. Cover with a plate and wait for timer to sound

10. Place dripper on pre-heated mug or 12 oz paper cup.

11. Cover with a plate and wait for timer to sound

12. After approximately 1 minute (when coffee has finished dripping) – SERVE THE COFFEE, do not let it sit on the bar and get cold!

1. Weigh out 30 grams of coffee for a 16 oz french press (60 grams for a 32 oz press)

2. Warm press with water.

3. Grind the 30/60 grams you’ve weighed out into a paper cup.

4. Make sure press is empty. Pour grounds from cup into press (make sure to get them all)

5. Set timer to 3:30 and start timer as you pour water directly from water tap onto the grounds, just enough to get the ground wet.

6. Let the grounds bloom for 30 seconds

7. Fill with water from the water tower, making sure you agitate the grounds as you pour. When full, give the top a stir.

8. Cover with a plate and wait for timer to sound

1. Place bowl on scale to the G setting and weigh out 400 grams.

2. Wet the filter and attach it to the upper glass bowl stem.

3. Gently and snugly place the stem into the lower bowl.

4. Place it evenly under the lower bowl.

5. The vapor pressure will cause the water to heat and travel up the syphon into the upper glass bowl.

6. Lower the heat of the Bunsen burner to a lower setting.

7. Add coffee into the water/ start your timer/ agitate coffee back and fourth to make sure all grounds are wet.

8. Gently stir coffee twice more during extraction.

9. When the timer goes off turn off the burner and give one last final stir around the sides of the upper glass bowl.